New Zealand is an attractive destination for international students. Not only in the terms of the quality of education, but also in natural beauty. New Zealand qualifications are not just of a high quality; they have a reputation for being practical, modern, and economical too. It is an affordable compared to a lot of other developed countries. In the terms of tuition fees and a low cost of living.

New Zealand has number of world ranking universities, Institutes and offer a diverse range of courses for international students. It has research based public universities that offer a multitude of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Number of Institutes that offer vocational and skills-based courses, ranging from certificate level to bachelor degree as well as postgraduate level courses.

Also, there are courses for professional certificates, diplomas and degrees in a wide range of subjects including the arts, hospitality, ecotourism, etc.


I thought I didn’t have enough money to go abroad to study, but AUSEOE turned that around. Their online tool gave me an understanding of what I could do with the budget I had and as a result, I am currently studying policing foundation. I could not be happier from my choice.



I actually had problems applying for my post graduate studies in Australia but with the help and assistance from AUSEOE, I had my acceptance letter within a short time. I am very grateful and really appreciate what AUSEOE has done for me. If you are looking to study in Australia or NZ I recommend AUSEOE to you.


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