How can I apply using AUSEOE?

First, we match you with the best programs available from top rated university or colleges in Australia or New Zealand.
You can then apply directly to the programs of interest from AUSEOE website.
After you have applied, we obtain your acceptance letter from the university or college of your choice.
Once you have the acceptance letter, you can apply for a Visa. We will also help you with your Visa, providing step by step guidance

Which documents are required to apply for a Program?

Many of our students ask us:
Do I need to finish my current studies to be eligible to apply? The answer is no.
For example, if you are applying for a bachelor's program, you do not need to have finished high school. Being in your last year of high school (i.e. grade 12 in most countries) is enough.
The general rule is: as long as you can show that you are going to graduate from your current educational program before starting your studies in Australia or NZ, you are eligible to apply today. You don’t need your certificate of graduation, unless you have finished your current education.

Required documents when applying to an undergraduate program:
If you are applying for an undergraduate program (i.e. a program that only requires a high-school level of education), you need your high school transcript and it must show all of your grades obtained in all years of high-school (Usually grade 9 - 12). You will also need a copy of your passport if you have one. If you have finished high-school, your high-school graduation diploma/certificate is also required.

Required documents when applying to a post-graduate program:
Post-graduate programs require a higher education degree or diploma. For example, most master's programs require a four-year bachelor's degree and most post-graduate certificate programs need at least a three-year bachelor's degree or an undergraduate diploma.

If you are still a student, simply provide your latest transcript showing all the grades since beginning your program until now. If you have finished your bachelor’s degree or diploma, you need to provide your graduation certificate/diploma as well. You will also need a copy of your passport if you have one.

Some master's programs require recommendation letters, resumes, essays and or statement of purpose. You can find the specific requirements for master's programs on each program's page of our website. Simply search the programs, find the ones that you can be accepted to and see the specific requirements for each program here:


Do I need IELTS, TOEFL or PTE scores to Study in Australia or NZ?

No! For such students, there are certain universities for which a TOEFL/IELTS score is optional. These universities are a saving grace for non-English speaking students who wish to study in Australia. Universities may sometimes overlook the need of TOEFL/IELTS score if their language of instruction in secondary school was English, or if they have completed few years of studies in an English speaking country already. Also, certain graduate universities may admit students without a TOEL/IELTS score if authorities from their undergraduate university certify that their medium of instruction was English. 


I thought I didn’t have enough money to go abroad to study, but AUSEOE turned that around. Their online tool gave me an understanding of what I could do with the budget I had and as a result, I am currently studying policing foundation. I could not be happier from my choice.



I actually had problems applying for my post graduate studies in Australia but with the help and assistance from AUSEOE, I had my acceptance letter within a short time. I am very grateful and really appreciate what AUSEOE has done for me. If you are looking to study in Australia or NZ I recommend AUSEOE to you.


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